3 Australian Fashion Brands Heading Up Sustainability

3 Australian Fashion Brands Heading Up Sustainability

1. Afends VS Sustainable Fabrics 

This Byron Bay brand is calling for a revolution in sustainable fashion and it’s all about Hemp. Afends have dedicated a considerable part of their collection to hemp-made tee’s and quick drying boardies and are calling out to others in the fashion industry to do the same.



According to the team at Afends, this controversial plant may just have the power to save the planet. This is something Afends co-founder Jono Salfield is clearly passionate about, as he explains “Hemp per acre can produce more fibre, oil, medicine and food than any other plant we have on this world.” It’s incredible potential threatens other major industries, and the Afends Hemp revolution is calling for more awareness and action towards better utilizing this powerful plant for good. 



If you have time for a quick coffee break, this 15min documentary that Afends put together shines light on the benefits of Hemp and the conspiracy theories around it all. They also build a dope half-pipe in the middle of a field of hemp, (pardon the pun). Now put that in your half-pipe and smoke it. 



Shop Afends Hemp Revolution 




2. Neuw Denim VS Water Waste

Neuw Denim is amongst the more technical denim out there on the market. Par Lundqvist, one of Neuw’s founders, is a denim madman with an insane amount of knowledge about how denim works, wears, and feels. They have even invented some of their own signature ways of treating denim, and amongst this is the Air Wash. 



Neuw’s Air Wash jeans are washed and treated with Ozone, an ageing and bleaching agent present in the earth’s atmosphere. By using this method unique to Neuw Denim, they save a significant about of water usage and waste in the manufacturing of their jeans. Furthermore, Ozone reverts back to oxygen after a wash cycle meaning no nasty chemical residues are left behind.



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3. Memobottle VS Plastic

Memobottle has set out to tackle on of the biggest problems facing the globe today, plastic. Billions of single use plastic water bottles are being sent to landfills each year that take 450 years to completely degrade. 



Memobottle founders, Jesse Leeworthy and Jonathan Byrt, having grown up by the ocean in a small coastal town south of Melbourne, Australia, grew tired of seeing plastic waste in their local waterways and parks. They set out to break people's habits around single use bottles, and looked to offer a beautiful, convenient and sustainable alternative. 

They started with the hurdles. Why don't more people carry around a reusable water bottle? Perhaps it's because most water bottles are round and clunky, and don't fit into that slim stylish bag of yours. So they revolutionized the shape so that it easily fits into your laptop bag or back pocket. Just pick your bottle size A6 or A5, and you’re ready to save the planet one plastic bottle at a time. 



Shop Memobottle in store at AUST. 

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