4 Ways to Wear Your Boyfriend's Clothes

4 Ways to Wear Your Boyfriend's Clothes

If you're anything like me, you love to steal your boyfriends clothes. Perfectly oversized, comfier and less restricting than most women's. With fall approaching, AUST. has plenty for you girls in the boys department that will keep you stylish, comfy and warm in the cooler weather. We have a selection of jackets, sweaters and hoodies that are super versatile and easy to pair with any bottoms you have. Not only will you have your girlfriends wondering how you look so cute in boys stuff but the guys will want to know where you got your jacket too. AND way to break the gender binary like the girl boss you are!


The NEUW denim Trash Jacket is that one jacket that absolutely should have been made for girls. This jacket is super grungy and looks effortlessly cool no matter what you pair it with. If you feel like wearing yoga pants and a white tee, throwing this jacket on top might just complete your outfit. The different colored denim sleeves paired with the darker blue denim front and the abstract chalky design on back makes it the statement piece that it is. Not only is it easy to look trendy in, but it's also comfortable. Being that it is made for guys, it is slightly broader so gives it that extra.



At some point or another, we girls all love wearing that oversized tee or sweater as a dress.. Why not a button up too? Zanerobe's linen 7ft SS shirt can be bought oversized and worn as a dress. Super easy to throw on over shorts too, worn open with a little tank top underneath. On the warm days, you can throw it over a bikini and on the cooler days, can layer it with a longer sleeve underneath. Your boyfriend may just want to steal it from you!



Nana Judy's York black hoodie is extremely comfy but also effortlessly stylish. The suede-inspired sleeves are what makes it unique from any regular black hoodie. Whats so great about this piece is that its cosy and can look really cool with any pair of jeans and shoes. If you feel like being that little bit extra, you could pair it with a pair of distressed skinny or straight leg jeans and a pair of pointed toe black heels. We all know that you can get away with wearing virtually anything anywhere here in Los Angeles so why not go ahead and take advantage of that. 



Finally, grab yourself Assembly Label's Rose tee and both you and your boyfriend will agree that your closet is pretty much complete. This long sleeve tee is super perfect for the fall weather in Los Angeles because it's thin and easy to layer but also perfect on its own, for when the weather is characteristically milder. It's rose color corresponds with the atmosphere at this time of the year and just makes you feel really happy, wearing or looking at it. This tee is a also a favorite because of how comfortable it is... you will love wearing it to bed and that, we all know, is a deal breaker. 




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