5 Indie Australian Fashion Labels Created By Surfers

5 Indie Australian Fashion Labels Created By Surfers

1. Insted We Smile

There aren’t really two things in the world that go together better than surfing and smiling! And who better to blend both the Australian surf fashion with the general good vibes of life at the beach than the up and coming brand, Instead We Smile. Founded in 2012 by former pro-surfer, Luke Stedman, the brand embodies the independent spirit of the ocean and all those who take to it and ride its waves. It is with that uniqueness and flavor for fun that Instead We Smile creates key pieces for every man’s closet, that, well, make you smile!

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2. Epokhe

Created from nothing but belief in the cause and a love for design and art, the premium eyewear brand Epokhe, thrives in a world where Australian surf style enters the international fashion scene. Spawned from the ambition of longtime friends and pro-surfers Dion Agius and Mitch Coleborne alongside filmmaker Kai Neville, Epokhe fills the hole in the world of eyewear with sustainable and handcrafted designs. Inspired by their love of the wild sea and an appreciation for the footprint we leave on earth, the culmination of eco-friendly production and the classic eyewear design makes Epokhe the quintessential surf sunnies for everyone!


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3. Misfit

While their place in the surf world has been solidified by the cutting edge shaping and art design from Misfit founders and owner’s, Chris Chong and Dave Howel, their influence on the fashion world is not something to look over. With combined and extensive experience in both the professional surf scene in Australia and notable fashion houses, Misfit Shapes shakes the status quo to create something passionately original. The focus is on art and being creative in every facet of life while fighting conformity in our age and in doing so, bring creativity, surf culture and fashion together in a new and exciting way.

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4. The Critical Slide Society

Perhaps it is because the ocean is a magnificent and mysterious thing that people are drawn to it, seeking a sense of calm escape and deliberate living; and it is that exact mystique and power that inspired the brand TCSS. Surf and art founders of the brand, The Critical Slide Theory, Jim Mitchell and Sam Coombes created the brand to perpetuate the authenticity so many surfers find on the waves, while at the same time letting go of the competitive nature and prestige found in the pro surf world. With an attention to detail and employing a group of talented artists with like minds, TCSS blazes a trail of innovation into surf fashion.

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5. Rhythm

Taking not only surf, but the entire fashion industry by storm, Australian based clothing brand Rhythm is making a name for themselves worldwide. Engaging their eclectic team of creative thinkers in many fields from surf, to photography, to art, Rhythm has created a brand that speaks to self-expression and a desire to break the mold of traditional fashion brands. By focusing on the freedom of individual expression and sense of adventure, Rhythm speaks to a generation of dreams, and a surf culture that is anything but limited to the beach!

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Words by Gabriel Sage  

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