6 Reasons Why Everyone is Obsessed with Australian Fashion Right Now

6 Reasons Why Everyone is Obsessed with Australian Fashion Right Now
1. It is just way easier to feel cool when you are wearing clothes that are trendy in another country.. especially Australia. 

All the items at AUST are ones you won't find at any other boutique on Abbot Kinney and quite possibly even Los Angeles. We handpick items that we feel will have our customers feeling their absolute best, from Australian boutiques that are hip & happening all over our special country. Our designers will have you feeling unique and special. We want Los Angeles to get the same opportunity as all the Aussies that get to feel great in these brands back home. 




2. Being that we are so far away, it's not as easy to get caught up in trends that are being recycled in larger countries just like the US.

The great geographical divide between Australia and the rest of the world, forces Aussie designers to be more innovative. We are so far away and are a much smaller country population wise, which makes it easier for us to modernize on a smaller but more rapid scale. It's reflected in our music as well as our fashion. Even with the rise of social media, our trends are more easily kept sacred and that is why it is so easy to assert your individuality in Aussie product over here in the states. 


Bec and Bridge Decadent L/S Top  



3. But, social media still definitely does have a huge influence. It's so much easier now for the world to be exposed to the talent us Aussies have. 

Even though we are innovating on a much smaller scale over in Australia, with social media, people all over the world are now much more easily exposed to how much talent we really do have. People over here have grown a strong appreciation for Australian fashion and the way people outfit themselves on Instagram, Facebook etc. We know what we are doing & we know you want a piece of what we have to offer. 


Rocky Barnes Wears Alice McCall



4. Everything has an element of class while maintaining that relaxed vibe that we know Australian culture is known for, which makes everything so versatile. 

Almost everything we have in-store are items that can be outfitted for special occasions but also dressed down for more casual settings. It's really important to be able to find those few versatile things that you can really wear to anything you've got going on. That one dress that you can outfit with a pair of sneakers or a pair of heels, with two different jackets, and pull off two completely different looks, is absolutely essential. You know it.. we know it. And we have just what you need. 


Alice McCall Ms Rose Dress 



5. We all know every American guy loves an Aussie girl and it's the same with American girls and Aussie guys.. So why not just dress like you're Aussie and save everyone the time and effort?

It's true.. opposites do attract. You can't hide it anymore, we all know you Americans just adore Australian boys, girls and everything else. Nope, you'll never be us, but you sure can dress like us. Head to toe in our clothes will have any night out feeling successful and stylish. Do yourself a favor and give us a visit. 


6. Nothing makes you wanna go "down under" more than a sexy Australian outfit to tickle your fancy...

Bit of a double-entendre here... we can let you work it out. But to keep things G-rated for the moment... Lets just say that Australia really is such a beautiful country and it's worth having clothes just as beautiful too. Maybe our stuff can inspire you to make that trip down under that you've wanted to do for so long, you might just find your life taking a turn you never quite expected.. ;) 


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