8 Affordable Australian Fashion Designers You'll Love

8 Affordable Australian Fashion Designers You'll Love

1. Nice Martin

Nice Martin is our latest favourite label discovery!! Having blasted onto the Australian fashion scene since it’s launch in 2015, Nice Martin have quickly garnered a name for themselves for their edgy designs, luxe fabrics, and surprisingly affordable prices. Fun fact, Nice Martin was named after the regional French daily newspaper, Nice-Matin. 


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2. SIR The Label 

If you haven’t already heard of SIR The Label and become obsessed with it, then it’s time to get them onto your radar!! Designed by two best friends Sophie Coote and Nikki Campbell, SIR The Label consistently drops beautiful collections that will make you feel fun, feminine and a little flirty. They're known for their feminine silhouettes and beautiful silks, linens and leathers.


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3. Zulu & Zephyr

Zulu & Zephyr is the quintessential beachside label. Born out of Bondi Beach, Sydney, sisters Karla and Candice Rose designed a nostalgic brand inspired by their beach lifestyle, and vintage photos of their mum in the 70’s and 80’s. Comfy relaxed fashion pieces and swim that screams both strong and sexy. You’ll getting premium quality for super affordable prices.


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4. Kissmax

This swim brand will be that one swimsuit in your drawer that is your go-to. The swimsuit that you live in all summer. Kissmax (or XMAX for short) embodies the philosophy of 'Own Less, Live More.’ Designed in Torquay by Mike Blackwood, the collections feature no prints, just solid colours and flattering sexy fits that magically seems to suit all body shapes and sizes.


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5. Bec and Bridge

Out of this list, Bec and Bridge have been on the Australian fashion scene the longest, having consistently been providing girls with their next bangin' party dress since 2003. Best friends Becky Cooper and Bridget Yorston have their finger on the pulse when it comes to what girls want. With their bold, sexy and feminine designs, everyone will be asking you “who made your dress” without your wallet even breaking a sweat.



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6. Reliquia

Reliquia may be slightly confusing to pronounce, but this new jewelry label has got all the fashion girls excited. The name Reliquia is derived from the work ‘relic’ and as it suggests, puts forward a bold vintage aesthetic. All the pieces are both beautifully designed and made, and for around $100-$200 you’ll find yourself with a treasured 18k gold or sterling silver piece.



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7. Valley Eyewear

Forget your Celine’s, Valley Eyewear is the latest hit for that oversized look. For a couple of bills, you get the most premium quality acetates, lenses by the reputable Carl Ziess, and a daring design that will make people look twice. Designed by Micheal Crawley, Valley Eyewear has blown up on the international scene with their fresh take on eyewear and signature bold look.


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8. The Horse 

The Horse watches are that classic timepiece that you really can’t go wrong with. Their design philosophy centers around magnifying what’s essential and editing out the excess. Their attention to detail allows the beauty of simplicity to shine through. For under $200, you’ll get a watch that will go with any outfit and will be timeless. 


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