A Visual Diary with Zulu & Zephyr's Candice Rose-O'Rourke

A Visual Diary with Zulu & Zephyr's Candice Rose-O'Rourke

We asked Zulu & Zephyr director Candice Rose-O'Rourke to capture her journey on a recent trip to the US.

Welcome to Candice's Visual Diary 



Our USA showroom – where the magic happens. Downtown LA in the Cooper Building is where our clients come to visit and view Zulu & Zephyr ranges.


Meet Mel – General Manager and my fave travelling companion. We have been on many, many flights together and she is an absolute hurricane. She can book an UBER in milliseconds and I always have food envy when we go out to eat – she has a knack for ordering the best dish on the menu!


BTS on the set from our Fall 18 collection. We shot in California with Darren McDonald who nailed the campaign and was a breeze to shoot with. Temperatures reached to 45 degrees celsius and we ran out of water at one point! But we got it done.


We visited Huntington beach whilst the VANS surf competition was on (mainly for my husband who surfs). Our kids loved the promenade and I captured this moment of Zimmy transfixed on the little wind models.


Ride or die. Millions of miles under these wheels.


Palm Springs – so much architectural goodness, like an aesthetical feast! My husband and I cruised the streets totally in awe of Palm Springs. From the homes, to the sidewalks, to the museums and the Golf Courses.




The Ace Hotel – what a pool area. Many drinks were had, many tacos were eaten.


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