ALEXANDER HODGE /. Celebrating Our Differences and Redefining Sexy

ALEXANDER HODGE /. Celebrating Our Differences and Redefining Sexy

On this week's episode of AUST.'s 'Radical Australians, Meaningful Conversations', Alexander Hodge, Australian actor and heartthrob from HBO's hit series Insecure, sat down with Hannah Wang about embracing and celebrating his heritage and the personal growth it took to get him there.  

Last year, Alexander seemingly became an overnight success story and poster child for Chinese male actors when his character on the cult-hit show Insecure became a highly trending hashtag. Alexander’s mid-season character, 'Andrew aka #Asianbae', helped chip away at some long-held stereotypes attached to Asian men on the small screen.  

We sat down to learn about his wild ride and how he is feeling about being a positive, authentic male role-model and what it finally took for him to embrace his true identity. Alexander also reflects on how using therapeutic tools of communication and conversation to break through aggressive coping mechanisms formed from childhood racism and bullying in Australia.  

“If that’s how the world views me I have to love who I am and celebrate that - and if you’re going to put me in that box I’m going to make it cool as fuck," Alexander Hodge. 

We chat race, identity and other highlights including his tips for personal growth and self-confidence. Now living, loving and embracing his heritage to the fullest, he serves as a truly inspirational role model to all of those struggling to find their place in society. 

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