We're Throwing a Party with Third Form & You're Invited!!

We're Throwing a Party with Third Form & You're Invited!!

The super sweet and stylish Third Form designer, Merryn Kelly, is crossing the pacific ocean and coming straight into AUST. for good times!

This First Friday you'll get the chance to meet Merryn in-store for a styling session over cocktails and tunes by DJ Sebastian. Just by coming, you will also be entered in the running to win a Third Form designer wardrobe! 

What? Good times with Merryn Kelly

Where? AUST. 1219 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice 90291

When? Friday 2nd June, 7-10pm

We had a catch up with Merryn (before we kicked off the party and got too busy dancing to ask any questions) about her inspirations behind Third Form and her inner granny. 



What made you want to start your own label?

I always had tunnel vision and starting my own label was always something I wanted to do from a young age. Every job and experience was me working towards it, after studies and 7 years in the design industry the time had come. I felt my experience was diversified and I and the Third Form girl was ready for us also.


What is your aesthetic inspired by, any particular people, places, things?

Third Form is a city centric label, we love the arts and being culturally enriched by what’s around us. We feed off the buzz of a major city and love the people in it; who we cater needs to feel sleek, forward and slightly understated. She’s not showy in how she dresses, she knows she has more to offer and dresses for herself.

Our favorite spots to visit recently, Melbourne, Hong Kong and NYC. 


Why the name Third Form?

It’s our process! 1- inspiration, 2- concept/ design 3- comes into form. And there you have it, your seeing the Third stage in Form.



What’s the journey been like so far, and what direction do you want Third Form to go in the future?

It’s been fantastic and fast, a lot happens in 2 years and you need to stay ahead of the game so there’s long nights and lots of blood, sweet and tears! We know the Third Form girl so we’ll keep looking for new ways to get in touch with her and getting on ‘the street’ to spread the word. We also love the US and will keep working on growing our presence in the market… maybe Fashion Week in the future… who knows.


What’s your favourite part of having your own label?

Oh there are lots of amazing things! But to narrow it down….hmm. As obvious as it may sound, doing what I love and other people loving it is incredible. Also really understanding and knowing our customer is amazing and I really get a buzz from it, knowing that we belong feels phenomenal.

Oh and I get to take my dog to work….that’s a win!


Some fun facts about you outside of fashion?

I’m a bit of a granny come the weekend, I love going for long walks with my Man and Milo (cutest Toy Poodle alive) and cooking a feast with lots of wine.

I find gardening relaxing, have a bit of chocolate every night, have a black trainer obsession and only wear black, white, grey. (managed to sneak an army bomber jacket into the mix). 



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