Australia's Best Beaches

Australia's Best Beaches

Image: Aquabumps 


Australia is known for its amazing beaches! We asked designers from Mayde, Sunday Somewhere, Assembly Label, and Valley Eyewear what they think the best beach in Australia is... 


Mayde Director Sylvia Hill 

"Tie between Dreamtime Beach and Margaret River." 

Dreamtime Beach by National Geographic


Margaret River by Salty Wings


Sunday Somewhere Creative Director Dave Allison 

"Whale Beach in Sydney and Narawallee on the South Coast of NSW."


Whale Beach by Rene Kisselbach


Narawallee by Rodney Campbell


Assembly Label Creative Director Damien Horan 

"Pretty Beach."

Pretty Beach by Beck Dunn


Valley Eyewear Designer Michael Crawley 

"Boomerang Beach at Pacific Palms."


Boomerang Beach by Aquabumps

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