Beautiful from within <3

Beautiful from within <3



 Introducing... FLO.

Beauty is truly radiant when it is shining from the soul of a person. It's then no wonder that our debut a.line model Flo is absolutely gorgeous from within.

We get to know her a little better in this interview about how she got started with Reiki, what she's learnt from it, and how she's spreading that light in the world. She gives us her secrets of how you be your best, sexy, empowered self!





What are some of your personal life mottos?
I don’t think is a motto but I think is very important to develop a loving healthy relationship with ourselves (and of course that would make huge impacts on the way you relate), to be aware and work on our thoughts and the way we communicate, to practice gratitude and forgiveness, and to know that with commitment (acceptance as well) we can creat the life that is in our highest possibilities, we have to own it! Remember that sometimes is just a matter of perspectives :)
Tell me more about your Reiki, how you got started and why it's important to you.
I started when I was 19 years old, almost not knowing what I was going for! I always wanted to connect with the my spiritual side and grow as a person but I didn’t know where to start or what was that I was looking for. My mom encouraged me to do Reiki since a close family friend was practicing it and afterwards she because my first master.
For me Reiki was the door, the first steps and it turned out to be the path to keep evolving, knowing more about myself and being able to help people in their own journey.
To be able to help people is the most gratifying part of it! I always enjoyed to be able to contribute to people’s well being and with Reiki I can do it in a deeper way. It helps bringing awareness to what needs to be addressed and boosts balance between mind, body, emotions and spirit. When we are centered we can think with clarity and act from a place of love and not from the ego. Also helps grounding, which promotes “being” and not just doing.
How are you sharing your message to the world?
I created @pathofgrowth with the wish of building a more conscious life to be the best version of ourselves & contribute to the awakening world we are living in. I am sharing tools, knowledge & practices to tap deep into our souls, empower self-development & mindful living.
My belief is that loving & knowing ourselves, being connected & present, leads us to live in our highest possibilities.
What do you wear when you want to feel your best self? 
I love a nice dress. And to be comfortable on it. The length might vary, sometimes I prefer earthy colors and sometimes I’ll wear a colorful sexy one. I like wearing pants too when it gets a little bit cold-er in Bali
What does being an empowered, sexy woman mean to you? 
Definitely show up as real as you are and speak your truth, that enlightens a room. Love yourself, do what you are passionate with, be confident and authentic.


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