Behind The Lens With Mark Clinton

Behind The Lens With Mark Clinton

With a depth of portfolio and wealth of experience belying his age, Mark Clinton has quickly become one of Australia’s most sought-after lifestyle and outdoor photographers. Since a timely official feature from Instagram catapulted his profile, netting him a six-figure following, recognition of Mark’s talent behind the camera has skyrocketed.

Mark combines intimate portraiture with a tendency to go to extremes to achieve the perfect result — even if that extreme is found in an 18,000 foot high unpowered glider floating on hot air above a New Zealand mountain range. 

Read on to learn more about the man behind the lens. 


What was the first thing you did when you woke up this morning?

Read the text message 'we're running 15 minutes late’ so hopped back into bed for another 15 minutes.


What song best describes your personality?

Seabird - Alessie Brothers.


What was your first ever job?

Bakers delight. Sacrificing two hours sleep most mornings at the age of 13 for $13.



Which word do you think is the strangest?

Visually strange- obligatory.


What’s your guilty pleasure movie?

A Norwegian ski movie called supervention. Great soundtrack and amazing cinematography makes for easy viewing.


What was your jam in the nineties?

Fatboy slim.




Your first car?

Mazda 323 hatch.


Where do you love to travel?

Where I'm writing this from South Island, New Zealand.


When are you most creative? 

When relaxed and social.




Where do you draw your inspirations from? 

Movies and everyday experiences. 


What has been the funnest project you’ve ever worked on? 

There’s been many! I just finished working alongside a snowboarding show hosting the Australian band Client Liaison. Great company and locations made for an extremely fun job!


What advice would you give yourself if you started all over again?

Make an effort during your many years at school!




Best beach in Australia?

Hard to argue past Freshwater Beach on Sydney’s Northern Beaches…..Slightly bias as I learnt to swim there.


Best Aussie saying?  

Shortening afternoon to arvo. @markclinton

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