Byron Bay Dreaming with Photographer Ming Nomchong

Byron Bay Dreaming with Photographer Ming Nomchong

Ming Nomchong is a Byron Bay based fashion and lifestyle photographer.

Ming loves the energy of a beautiful place, and she knows how to capture it. Raised on the east coast of Australia with a camera in one hand and a surfboard in the other, Ming has built an international reputation with her authentic sun ’n' salt fashion and lifestyle images.

With her rare combination of edge, adventure, and style, Ming is bringing something fresh to fashion photography. 

If you follow us on Instagram, you'll already be familiar with her sun-drenched dreamy imagery - we LOVE her work! 

Read our recent interview below. 




What was the first thing you did when you woke up this morning? 

I rolled out of bed and into my car to check the surf.



What song best describes your personality?

Wowzers, I have no idea!



What was your first ever job?

I was a dishy at a cafe in Drummoyne in Sydney where I grew up. 



Which word do you think is the strangest?




What’s your guilty pleasure movie?

Fools Gold!



Where do you love to travel?

Anywhere warm where I haven't been before.



When are you most creative? 

When I'm bored.



Where do you draw your inspirations from? 

Daily life, travel, and history.



What has been the funnest project you’ve ever worked on? 

Our Chasing The Sun Series we did a few years ago to the Seychelles. Definitely the most fun and to the most beautiful places.



What advice would you give yourself if you started all over again? 

Get your work out there in anyway you can. And shoot as much as you can.



Best beach in Australia?




Best Aussie saying?  

Shut your pie hole. @ming_nomchong_photo

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