CAITLIN STASEY /. Sexual fluidity and self identity.

CAITLIN STASEY /. Sexual fluidity and self identity.

In this episode, actress and founder of HERSELF.COM, Caitlin Stasey, chats with AUST. about sexual fluidity, self-identity and her personal struggle of defining her sexuality. As someone who grew up in the spotlight as character Rachel Kinski in Neighbours, Caitlin knows all too well the feeling of judgment and criticism and reflects on how it shaped her into the woman she is today. 

In a raw and honest conversation with Hannah, Caitlin explains what empowered her to create and pose full-frontal on the positive feminism platform, HERSELF, and how her life changed since. What is a deep reflection into personal insecurities leading to self-awareness, we are super proud and thankful to her for sharing her fascinating story with us. Caitlin is a true role model and inspiration for today’s society and young people growing up questioning their sexuality.

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