Come as you are /. with Ryan Karner

Come as you are /. with Ryan Karner

a.line makes womenswear for you to dress your best self. But womenswear is not just limited to women! However you identify, we hope in the words of our model Ryan Karner, that you "come as you are."


How do you define gender, and what is your gender?

I feel like gender is a spectrum. Most people only see it as black or white but more and more people are able to see the full rainbow.

When others assume our gender they are usually making a decision about the relationship they will have with us - especially in regards to attraction and respect.

I am genderqueer - I mostly present masculine but I wear my hair long, put on makeup and wear feminine clothes because it is in alignment with how my spirit feels in this vessel that is my body.

What do you love about wearing womenswear?

I love mixing womenswear into my wardrobe because it breaks up the monotony of “masculine” fashion. I’m also really enamored by androgynous icons like David Bowie, Prince, Grace Jones and the like. To me wearing only “men’s” clothing is so limiting.

What do you wear when you want to feel your best self?

I like my clothes to match my mood (hi I’m a Cancer and I have FEEEEEEELLLIIINNGGSS). My best self wears clothes that feel fresh but who’s style will endure the test of time. I hate having to dress for the lowest common denominator

- why wear clothes to satisfy someone else’s world view?

What’s your advice for someone trying to find their own personal style?

I would say use your intuition - don’t choose clothes based on their categorical gender. If you’re working on your intuition try to make a visual mood board of your style aspirations. Most importantly wear your clothes with attitude - dress with conviction, in whatever makes you happy.

What’s your personal life motto / philosophy?

Come as you are.


Ryan Karner is featured in The Simmie Blazer and The Gessica Pant. 

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