Designer Feature // TCSS Sam Coombes

Designer Feature // TCSS Sam Coombes


What is the weirdest thing you've ever seen?

I’ve seen a few gnarly things, but nothing too weird.. That being said, when I was about 16 my parents went away for a weekend. I had 2 mates stay over, all these spooky things kept happening. The top balcony door which we didn’t have a key for opened itself over night, the following day we found a butchers knife on the dining room table and just generally felt like we were being watched. We were scared shitless. We were all walking around with BB guns and carving parents had this small attic room off their bedroom, we looked in there and it appeared that someone had been living in there. There were loaves of bread, empty cans of Tuna, empty bottles of juice. We called the cops and they checked for prints and all that. But nothing came of it. That kind of freaked me out.



What was your first ever job?

Sorry to say, Mickey D’s flipping burgers.



If you could have one super power what would it be?

Travel back and forth in time. There were a whole load of issues we could have avoided in production.



Best surf you've ever had?

Byron Bay, about 8 years ago. The Pass and Tallows were going off. They’re just such amazing backdrops to surf and I just love those waves and being in Byron town.



Best Aussie saying?

Get a dog up ya! Or ‘as dry as a dead dingo’s donger.. I was thrown this one the other day.. ‘The juice is worth the squeeze..’ not sure if that’s typically Australian, but I like it.


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