Emma Mulholland Launches Hot New ‘Holiday’ Label And Zine

Emma Mulholland Launches Hot New ‘Holiday’ Label And Zine

Emma Mulholland, aka Australia’s queen of sunny holiday fashions, has just made the excellent decision to venture into a new line. It’s called Holiday and its focus is cute and fun slogan tees, a little bit of denim, and trousers that let everyone know that you’re having more fun than them. Onya Em!



For the launch of Holiday, Emma produced a zine with a bunch of smart photographers, stylists and models, and threw a party. To celebrate all of that, Oyster asked Emma to answer a few pressing questions:


Photo: Zac Bayly


If it was a colour: 



If it was a mood: 




If it was an animal: 



If it was a language: 




If it was a place: 



If it was a time: 




If it was a song: 

Club Tropicana by Wham


If it was a season: 




If it was a food: 

Double Double from In-N-Out


If it was a famous person: 

River Phoenix



If it was a YouTube video: 



If it was a smell: 

The Beach by Calvin Klein


If it was a texture: 




If it was a quote: 

“It’s 5 o’clock somewhere…”


If it was a film: 

Fast Times at Ridgemont High



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Words: Oyster 

Article Feature Image: Byron Spencer

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