F+H Feature Interview - Owner of AUST. Hannah Wang

F+H Feature Interview - Owner of AUST. Hannah Wang

Say hello to Hannah Wang, owner of the iconic la based boutique AUST., home to Australia’s best fashion labels and a shopping mecca for the IT-girls of LA.



Banan, wangy, bang bang, rad fang.


Star sign:

I’m an Aries babyyyyy 


Where do you call home?

The ocean. Los Angeles where I live has the most epic sunsets, the sky turns a radioactive red because of the pollution, and seeing that sunset from your surfboard in the ocean at the end of a long day, I feel like I’m home.


My personal style in three words is…

Easy, eclectic, bra-less.


The one piece of clothing that makes you feel confident?

This Ellery don quixote blazer from 2013. It’s pinstriped, perfectly tailored and has these zips on the elbow. It’s got a little rip in the left sleeve from when I was skating in it in the middle of the night. It’s the first piece I took from AUST. When I opened the store 4 years ago and I call it my boss blazer. I put it on and I feel all powerful and my gangsta boss woman alter ego shines through!!


The perfect song to get dressed to on a Friday night…

Come Down - Anderson Paak. Also… his style and big smile… total man crush.



Right now I am inspired by…

Quiet mornings :) I have a super fluffy comfy bed and most nights have pretty crazy vivid and sometimes lucid dreams, so after waking up, meditating, having a cuppa coffee, and just watching the squirrels in my yard, I feel like I have the space in my brain to let creative ideas and solutions flow.


I am currently reading…

Choke by Chuck Palahniuk. It’s sexy, funny, and a little f’d up.


A strong woman you admire...

My mum. She survived the culture revolution in china, poverty, and prison camps to come to Australia and raise me as a full time working single mum and gave me the best life any kid could have possibly hope for. Love you mum!!




The best advice I have ever received was…

A business is the reflection of the owner. I think this might be from a Richard Branson book. It stuck with me and it has pushed me to work on myself as much as the business, and try to become the best person I can be.


I want to have dinner with…

Richard Branson. Not only do I admire what he’s achieved, but he also seems like it’d be a fun time.


Favourite quote … 

Stay cool in the highs and calm in the lows.



I am looking forward to…

The next AUST. Location… we have our sights set on Paris!!


My must-have F+H Jewellery piece…

The Debbie Femme Earring in silver. I live in these!!! They sing to my disco soul and feminine prowess :)



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