Fashion Week Day 3

Fashion Week Day 3
Ginger and Smart

Set in the beautiful space of the Art Gallery of NSW, Ginger and Smart presented an elegant collection. The light pinks, royal blues, yellows and reds emulated the art on the surrounding walls. As you see the garments up close as the models walk past, it is evident the amount of quality construction that has gone into the garments. Laser cut circles and strips of silk, layered over and over again create stunning movement on the pieces. Overall, a stunning and artistic collection. 




C/MEO Collective

C/MEO created a beautiful setting for their runway show, with gorgeous flower arrangements throughout the room, and VIP seating in the center of the runway. The models walked out in a fun and feminine collection, true to the C/MEO girl. They carried clutched with flower arrangements in them, and draped pink faux fur over their shoulders, creating a dream-like whimsical feel. 





Kacey Devlin

Kacey Devlin continues to show her beautiful draped collection, free from any hardware, and falling around the body in the most natural and organic way. Her pieces create art on the body, allowing the person wearing it to use the ties to create the shapes that they want in their dress or top. 




Anna Quan

Anna Quan presented a sophisticated collection of conceptual shirting pieces. Classic styles have been interpreted into modern shapes, infusing femininity into a traditionally masculine way of dressing.





Vale’s ‘Sail Away’ collection was on-theme as you entered the room, with the soothing sound of waves playing in the background. As the models walked down the runway, technical sail  ropes in red were worn as accessories highlighting the nautical theme of the pieces. Their fashion denim had features such as pops of bright red, yellow, panels of inside-out denim, and ties around the ankle.



Image Credit: Lucas Dawson

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