Fashion Week Day 4

Fashion Week Day 4

This fun-loving brand kept true to their party-gal nature throwing a fabulous show on a cruise ship, with the Sydney Harbour as a spectacular backdrop. As you entered you were greeted with DJ music that you couldn’t not dance to, the cheese board spread of your dreams, and free flowing booze. The boat sailed into the harbour and docked for the runway show, featuring a collection of glitter, sparkle, and fur. The models danced at the end of the runway, with a backdrop with the name of their collection, “Pussy Posse."





Akira Isogawa showed his talent as a designer and creative mind in this years MBFWA show. Runway models weaved swiftly throughout the aisles of people to music with a fast paced beat. The collection was innovative and artistic. Inspiration was drawn from Akira's Japanese background, with kimono style pieces and prints of maple leave and oriental in nature. It was also very progressive with futuristic shapes and avant-guarde style suiting for both men and women. The show featured a memorable closing look, a long sheer red dress with a white tee dress underneath and Akira's hand painted logo. 



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Romance Was Born

The highly anticipated Romance Was Born show was a spectacular way to close MBFWA17. As the last show on the roster, it definitely also had the most production and theatrics. 

As guests entered, strobing red lights roamed the runway in the dim and smokey theatre. The runway itself was made out of a reflective copper coloured material that extended into three pillars throughout the runway with decadent floral arrangements towards the top. At the beginning of the runway was two mirrored doors which swung open as the models entered and exited, somewhat resembling a circus or funhouse.

As the models walked through, they theatrically emulated the outfit they were wearing, playfully posing at the end of the runway. The collection was stunning, and true to Romance Was Born featured lots of colour, sequin, and sparkle. It felt like a dark rainbow fantasy. 

The movement of the pieces was incredible. Metallic rainbow strips swinging off a dress, or long threads hanging off a coat. Sculptural pieces and costume-like pieces were also featured. Then, here and there, they would send a model down the runway wearing nothing but writing over her body with the title of their collection, “Electro Orchid."


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