"P.E is the ultimate active wear concept that is about multi-tasking performance wear for every woman, to wear everyday. P.E nation is a nostalgic nod to physical education whilst encapsulating the tomboy attitude of Pip Edwards (P.E).
With a collection of energy- enhancing co-ordinates, P.E nation reflects a sense of confident authenticity, focusing on functionality, fabric and fit, for an urban lifestyle lived at fast pace.
P.E nation is designed for that multi-faceted woman that leads a busy life, very much like their founders."
AUST. caught up with Pip Edwards to find out some random facts about the woman behind this sexy, sporty and energetic activewear label. 



What would the name of your debut album be?

Oh wow this is hard. Well I do know it would be a collection of songs that alternate between heart break, tough love, and surviving hahaha mixed in with some covers of my favourite 80’s/90’s tracks that I sing all the time, all with a melancholic nostalgic sound… I’m leaning towards a number as the debut title - 11:11.




Do you have a secret talent? What it is?

I studied and completed all grades of piano and learned singing my whole schooling life. I was even music captain at school. So technically question 1 could be a reality if I put my mind to it!!!




Which word do you think is the strangest?

“Booboo"… which is commonly used as a term of endearment, most parents call their babies “booboo." I still call my son “booboo” and he is 10 - it's so so common and so so weird that it's common and used in an affectionate way.




Best thing you ever bought from a thrift shop?

Many many gems in my cupboard have been bought from various vintage stores around the world. From jackets, dresses, tees and my all time fave denim - it's hard to narrow it down to one. But the best finds have definitely been in Tokyo, LA and London. I love to find vintage tees and denim.



Best Aussie saying?

“Yeah, na.”




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