Meet Simple Watch Co. Founder & Creative Director David Fraser

Meet Simple Watch Co. Founder & Creative Director David Fraser

"We’re guided by a recognition that while quality and function are always relevant, the role of a watch is no longer merely functional."


Your watch is now an expression of your individual style. Worn like a classic jacket or iconic jeans, it’s a subtle gesture that speaks eloquently.

Beautiful design. Premium materials. Precision workmanship.

Integrate these elements perfectly and you have a timepiece that transcends the practical and says something unique about you.

Make your time unique.

Simple Watch Co. designed in Australia.



What was the first thing you did when you woke up this morning?

Checked the surf report to see whether i should leap out of bed or hit snooze. For the record I hit snooze.


What song best describes your personality?

Sympathy for the devil - Rolling Stones.



What was your first ever job?

My friend and I started a local lawn mowing business.


Which word do you think is the strangest?

Drongo - Aussie slang for an idiot. 



What’s your guilty pleasure movie?

North Shore


What was your jam in the nineties?

Baggy jeans, beastie boys and skateboarding.



Your first ever car?

A white Holden HQ panel van.


Best thing you ever bought from a thrift shop?

Bang and Olufsen Beosound stereo for $40.



Best Aussie saying?

She’ll be right (everything will be ok). 


Where do you love to travel?

Everywhere but Tokyo and Paris are 2 favourite cities.



When are you most creative?

When I’ve got time to think about things like being on an plane where you have to sit still and think.


Where do you draw your inspirations from?

I love vintage cars, motorbikes and classic vintage style.



Talk us through your design process.

Start with an idea for a watch silhouette inspired by some vintage watches and then look at modernising and simplifying the design. I take lots of material and finish combinations from vintage car interiors that have a great combination of metal and leather.


What advice would you give yourself if you started all over again?

Keep it simple and try not to get distracted by too many projects. The idea is the easy part, it’s following that idea all the way through that’s hard.



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