From The Zulu & Zephyr Design Room With Seraina Fontana & Natalie Gebert

From The Zulu & Zephyr Design Room With Seraina Fontana & Natalie Gebert
How long have you worked at Zulu & Zephyr and what is your role?

Seraina: I have worked as a Designer at Zulu & Zephyr for 3 and a half years.

Nat: I joined the team nearly one year ago as a Designer and it has been an amazing journey so far! 


How do you like to push and challenge yourself as a designer?

Seraina: We have a strong grasp on who we are and who the ZZ girl is, so I enjoy the challenge of creating pieces that are fresh by sourcing interesting fabrics, working with unexpected shapes and drawing inspiration from the wildest places.

Nat: Myself and the team at ZZ are always challenging the limits of what is possible. Whether it be a new fabric, shape or line, a print, a colour - we research, explore and question all the reasons and possibilities.



How did you approach the apparel design this collection?

Like every ZZ collection, we approach design with a “would we wear this?” mindset. Our aesthetic is consistently nostalgic with a soft trend driven touch. Keeping fibres natural and colours neutral, we wanted to create pieces that are modern yet timeless and reminiscent of long warm days past. We wanted to incorporate elements of vintage through tortoise shell button detailing and cotton swimwear.



What was the inspiration and theme of GOLDEN - the recent collection by Zulu & Zephyr?

Seraina: The inspiration for Golden stemmed from vintage photographs of the Directors’ mum, Vivienne, from the 70’s. We wanted to channel the simplicity of daily life back in this time and the colours/textures associated. Cruising through hazy days in effortless pieces, pops of colour toned down by neutral shades in unexpected textures.



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