Introducing Annex

Introducing Annex

We're stoked to welcome menswear label Annex, all the way from Bondi Beach Australia, to AUST.!

The Annex brand maintains a timeless philosophy; to provide an alternative premium style with uncompromising quality for those who want to set themselves apart.

Their AW17 collection revels active living in a modern urban landscape. Designed with lifestyle and individualism at the forefront of the Annex conspirators minds, the range is a conglomerate of fortified classics and innovative takes on current trends. 

A minimalistic style is carried out across their range from premium basics to knitwear and outerwear pieces, making each item extremely variable. Annex AW17 range has been designed specifically so that signature items work together as complete tone on tone and contrasting outfits, allowing the Annex guy to effortlessly achieve a level of style and identity a step above the rest.

We caught up with Annex brand director, Stephanie Reeve, to find out more about how it all started! 




Who are the designers of Annex?

Founders of Annex, Steph and Glen were the original designers for the label during its conception. Since then, Annex has expanded to a team of designers collaborating their experience, research and concepts together to create an individualistic and unique style of premium mens clothing.




How did they meet and what made them decide to start the label?

Annex was born from the founders shared passion for premium fashion. Steph coming from the UK saw a lack of premium menswear options for the Australian man, who has an interest in fashion and style. Glen, being born and bred in Sydney, grew up living and breathing Bondi Beach undoubtedly one of the biggest fashion scenes in the country, giving him a deep understanding of the customer and their aspirations. This brought about an insight into what was wanted and needed in the Australian men fashion market. These two ideologies amalgamated to create a fresh take on menswear in a market that was very accepting of a distinctive and unprecedented style.



When did the label start, and what have been the major milestones along the way?

Since its foundation 5 years ago, Annex has developed a cult following in Australia with much appreciated return customers and a continually growing representation. As the brand has grown and the following has increased we have made sure we stay true to our customers and our own individual style, maintaining high quality fabrications, while aiming to be a step ahead of the rest.

In 2015 we launched our first season in the U.S. market with our Autumn Winter collection thanks to the help of Gil @ Black Circle Agency. This has opened up our brand philosophy and unique styles to a whole new base of customers seeking new styles. Since first breaking into the U.S. market in 2015 we have developed a name for ourselves with U.S. customers and retailers. We can now be found in key retailers nationwide in the U.S.



What are the inspirations and aesthetics behind Annex? 

The inspirations and aesthetics of Annex are a conglomeration of experience and research from each member of the design team. Our first considerations are choices in premium fabrications and innovative textures. Lifestyle is always an important consideration behind the aesthetics and design of each style, as are current and long past trends, we often look to the classics to inspire new styles.Throughout the design process we maintain our timeless philosophy; to provide an alternative premium style with uncompromising quality, for those who want to set themselves apart. Our range features a harmonious blend of contrasting style concepts, from modern active wear to gentrified classics. A thoughtfully designed selection that bestows a clean and individualistic disposition to the modern man devoted to freedom of identity.



Who is the Annex guy?

The Annex guy revels active living in a modern urban environment. Ambitious and individualistic the Annex guy knows himself and stays true to his beliefs. He is not afraid to show his individuality, having a strong focus on genuineness and premium quality goods.



Some interesting facts about the designers outside of owing a label?

Even though an Aussie brand, the majority of the design team at Annex are British!



Any other interesting facts we should know about? e.g., focuses on sustainability, where is it made, fabric choices...

Our main focus is on premium fabrications. Its of up most importance to us to delivery a high quality product as it truly is a labour of love for the entire team at Annex, wanting the best for our customers. We also support the Australian manufacturing industry with our denim and basics line still made in locally in Sydney.



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