JONNI POLLARD /. Meditation and reclaiming our humanity.

JONNI POLLARD /. Meditation and reclaiming our humanity.

In this episode, Hannah chats with Jonni Pollard, an internationally recognized meditation teacher and author, and co-founder of 1 Giant Mind, to discuss meditation and the impact it has on one’s self, body and mind.

Jonni shares his beautiful journey into meditation, which he discovered at a young age as a solution to helping him overcome a severe intolerance for anxiety. He quickly was able to realize the impact it had on his life and it became the core focus of his personal and professional path. Jonni has spent a good part of his life helping others learn meditation and the immense value it can add to their lives and those around them.

Tune in to listen to this incredible interview with Jonni, where he not only shares his story but also some profound insights from his book, The Golden Sequence. We guarantee you will walk away in awe of Jonni’s ability to open your mind, and with a deeper understanding of how meditation can be a vital tool to increase self-awareness and help you live the most meaningful life possible. 

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