Transition by Justin Cassin at MBFWA17

Transition by Justin Cassin at MBFWA17

Justin Cassin was a menswear highlight of MBFWA17, with his collection of edgy streetwear paired with relaxed tailoring. Hot Aussie model of the moment, Jordan Barrett, opened and closed the show set to the tone of moody lighting and rock n roll music. 


We chat with the man behind the high end menswear label, Justin Cassin, about the inspirations and processes behind his debut fashion week show.


Inspiration behind the collection? 

I was inspired by a need to provide the strong independent man with stylish, affordable, quality apparel that displays a keen attention to detail. 


Why is it called Transition?

This is my first collection and runway show, I have transitioned from other business interests into fashion and its been an incredible journey.


Justin Cassin


If Transition were a person, how would they introduce themselves? 

Adventurous, stylish, confident, and relaxed sophistication


Where do we find the Justin Cassin guy wearing Transition and what is he doing? 

Definitely the Justin Cassin man is active and always looking for adventure and new challenges. He loves to travel. Every garment has a story to tell. The design blurs the lines between traditional and contemporary and commands the attention of the modern cosmopolitan male who is equally at home in the rugged country side, or downtown. 


Talk us through your design process. 

For my autumn winter collection I  experimented with fabrics, cuts and construction to create a range that stays true to my heritage whilst pushing forward into new and unexpected territory. The collection was built around four pillars that cover both daily essentials and standout pieces, all of which have that high quality, subtle, well designed feel that is distinctly Justin Cassin. 




What’s something new in this collection that Justin Cassin hasn’t done before? 

I have added Neoprene bombers and pants to this collection which are amazing statement pieces. 


Describe the vision for the runway show.

My vision for the Runway show is to let the audience immerse themselves into the world of Justin Cassin. My vision is that every guest who attends my show and wears my clothing feels confident and totally comfortable within themselves, when you step into my world anything is possible.


What advice would you give yourself if you started in fashion all over again? 

Prepare yourself for lots of hard work, but also take some time to enjoy the journey.



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