LANI COOPER /. Mental health and recovery.

LANI COOPER /. Mental health and recovery.

In this episode, Lani Cooper, founder of MOBOT, talks about her struggle with mental health issues and how overcoming an eating disorder has helped shaped her path to self-love and self-care. Lani shares how she was able to go deep within and understand what tools she needs to not only support her health but also fuel her personal and professional growth.

Lani later was challenged to put this personal toolbox to use when a traumatic brain injury was a true test to her mental and physical health.  Lani’s inspiring story reminds us that oftentimes out of hardship we find clarity and a deeper understanding of what self-love truly is and the importance it plays in our lives.

Check out this podcast and listen to Lani share her epic personal journey, what she calls her ‘personal toolbox’, as well as her ‘rule of 3’s,' Three things we feel we could all benefit greatly from.

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