The Guest Edit With Sunday Somewhere Eyewear Designer Dave Allison

The Guest Edit With Sunday Somewhere Eyewear Designer Dave Allison

Let Sunday Somewhere Eyewear Designer Dave Allison Style Your Outfit + Win Sunday Somewhere Sunglasses 


For Dave Allison the smallest of triggers can manifest into many ideas. For the last six years Sunday Somewhere has designed eyewear to memorialize the ephemeral moments evocative of people and places. Sunday Somewhere is state of mind that transcends the demands of the week to celebrate what’s really special. 

On a personal level Sunday’s are very special as they are spent with my family. We put down our gadgets (phones and computers) to enjoy real quality time together - mostly outdoors living the Sunday state of mind. Since I travel a lot (too much) for work, Sunday’s are incredibly precious,” says Dave.

In this AUST. edit Dave selects the quintessential Sunday Somewhere look. Shop his selection below and enter to win a pair of Sunday Somewhere Sunglasses.


Image: Dave Allison 



These are the most requested new unisex sunglasses by stylists, influencers and celebrities at the moment.

They’re trending as round frames currently seem to be the “go", they are also designed to fit; as opposed to being oversized.

What I most like about them is depending upon the colour you choose, they can be either a statement or a classically understated frame.





I actually own this cap. I love it. The kind gents at BC gave it to me a year or so back.

I can wear it to the gym, or casually around. I clean it sometimes. It works for me, though I think I need a new one...






Luke is a good mate of ours. Recently Sunday Somewhere collaborated on a capsule apparel collection, which looking at your site has done well as it’s all SOLD OUT.

Apart from ride waves very well, Luke can design a good pant. The balance of fashion and function is key for me here. As the weather is trans-seasonal at the moment, I see good use for these babies.






You can’t go wrong with a classic white t’shirt. 

I usually don’t wear graphics on “tees” but the word “leisure” somehow seems to sum me up nicely. Bought!





It’s very difficult for me to go past anything with a 'palm tree' on it. 




Shop to WIN Sunday Somewhere Sunglasses

Shop Sunday Somewhere at AUST. this month for the chance to win a second pair for free! 



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