LISA MESSENGER /. Finding your Purpose and Igniting your Potential

LISA MESSENGER /. Finding your Purpose and Igniting your Potential
In this episode, Hannah chats with renowned businesswoman, author and international speaker, Lisa Messenger about finding your passion and what it takes to fuel your personal and professional growth. Lisa has authored or co-authored 16 books in the last five and a half years, in addition to running her highly successful business, Collective Hub -  a print magazine that is about igniting human potential. Lisa found her passion in media and in doing so learned the importance of self-growth, vulnerability, and the support and tools you need to sustain both personal and professional success. 

Lisa decided to publish her own books on entrepreneurship to not only to share her knowledge in the pursuit to help others but also to help with her own personal journey. She continues to seek opportunities that push her boundaries and emphasizes some really important tips around building the systems and processes to fuel business growth, as well as rituals and routines to ignite your potential and optimize yourself.

You only live once, and to live the best version of yourself, Lisa says you must let go of your ego and live your life out loud. She says ‘Everything in business and in life comes down to mindset. It’s a real journey to get to a place where you are strong and vulnerable, brave and courageous. It takes a lot of courage to get to know yourself.’ 

Tune in to listen to this incredible interview with Lisa Messenger!

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