Looking Back: The First CD You Ever Bought

Looking Back: The First CD You Ever Bought

Think back... Can you remember what your first ever CD was? 

We asked our designers and labels the same question! Take a trip down memory lane with Zulu & Zephyr, Bec & Bridge, Mayde, St Agni, By Johnny, Afends, Mi Goals, Blacklist, and Buck Palmer. 

Listen to the mix below! 



Zulu & Zephyr Director - Candice Rose-O'Rourke 

Craig David. Born to do it.



Bec and Bridge Designer - Becky Cooper

Hit Machine 7



Mayde Director - Sylvia Hill 

Oh how embarrassing! My first CD was probably Teen Queens or Girlfriend (or maybe even Snow?). My first tape was Roxette. Such a tragic! So bad but so good. 



St Agni Director - Lara Bluett 

I would probably have to say the Spice Girls. I was a pretty big fan. I think I had 3 Spice Girl themed birthday parties.



By Johnny Brand Manager - Renee Schembri

Gloria Estefan (it was a tape lol).



Afends Head Womens Designer - Bec Nolan

Spice Girls



Afends Head Mens Designer - Samuel Nolan

Kerang Magazine Mix



Mi Goals Director - Adam Jelic 

Guns and Roses - Use Your Illusion 1/2



Blacklist Director - Jaynie Johnson 

Crowded House. 



Buck Palmer Designer - Buck Palmer

Actually I think it was a cassette tape! Guns N' Roses, think the album was Appetite For Destruction or Use Your Illusions haha! First CD I don't remember. Maybe Smashing Pumpkins!


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