Make a Statement this Fall with Denim

Make a Statement this Fall with Denim

Jeans have always been that item you own that you can wear year round without really putting much thought into. They are SO versatile and SO easy to dress up or down. You can wear them virtually anywhere and even though you have had them for years, can still get away with wearing them no matter what state they might be in. Those black jeans you owned back then are now grey but they kinda look cool. Those full-length blue Levis from 2012 are now your faded, distressed Levi crops but nobody has to know that ;)



Wearing denim is so easy and thoughtless that people have forgotten how to wear them in ways that are different, emphasizing personal style whilst still making that fashion statement that LA appreciates so much. AUST. has the denim that will make this easy and effortless for you. We have those few pieces that are not too pricy, individual to Australia and comfortable. This fall, we've got both guys and girls covered in the jeans department, the jacket department, bottoms and more.



The Aussie denim brands that we stock here at AUST. are of exceptional quality, will last you a lifetime and have you looking trendy no matter how you choose to wear them. From NEUW Denim to ROLLA's to Nana Judy to our assortment of Assembly Label pieces, this fall, you won't have to put another thought into your day-to-day denim get-up again. 



Ladies, NEUW has a range of different styles of jeans for you. The LOLA jean is a super-high "Mom" jean fit in a lighter shade of denim and has a stylized distress at the knee. What is so appealing to ladies about the fit of all our NEUW jeans is that they really fit to a woman's figure so perfectly! With a smaller waistband and a looser fit at the hips, NEUW knows how to accentuate those natural curves that should be appreciated in any pair of jeans. The Marilyn skinny jean we have in black demonstrate this concept to the fullest with their stretchy tight, high waisted fit. 



If you are a lover of denim, but jeans just don't work for you, Assembly Label has you covered with shorts and skirts. These pieces are comfortable and perfect for pairing with tops and jackets that are good for layering in the cooler fall weather. However, we know sunny LA will have you wearing them year round with a casual tee or tank. You can't go wrong!



Guys... Zanerobe, NEUW, Assembly Label and Barney Cools here at AUST. have an amazing selection of all types of contemporary jean styles that will have you wanting to live in denim this season. The light wash slim-fit crops by B. Cools are especially fitting for the Venice beach hipster vibes and also embrace that Australian laid-back culture that is so similar. These breezy jeans are perfect for fall season in Los Angeles because the weather is so mild but can easily be paired with warmer sweaters or cooler tees for those cooler nights. 



ALSO, we are so excited about the NEUW metal-inspired THRASH jacket that just came in. This jacket is completely effortless! Thrown on with the most casual attire, this jacket will tie your outfit together. The distress, the use of the different shades of denim and the design on the back give it a rather trendy, grungy attitude that we love and know you will. The thrash jacket will have you walking out of the store feeling very "LA" but unique in Australian denim. 



Make this fall season an excuse for you to wear denim like you haven't before.




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