Meet Hansen & Gretel Creative Director Ainsley Hansen

Meet Hansen & Gretel Creative Director Ainsley Hansen

Welcome Hansen & Gretel to the AUST. family! 

We've been super excited about Hansen & Gretel's latest collection Stay Wild Child since we first saw it at Australian Fashion Week earlier this year and it's finally here!! 

Their signature quirky style is accented with pastel plaid dresses, jungle print jumpsuits, and gold mesh tee's and dresses. Fittingly, jackets and tees feature red embroidery saying "Stay Wild Child."

Read on to get to know creative director Ainsley Hansen, view their campaign shoot and shop our selects.   



What was the first thing you did when you woke up this morning?

Made an espresso.


What song best describes your personality?

Tough one, aren’t we all a bit of everything? My alter ego is going with Loaded by Primal Scream, the Andy Weatherall Mix. A little spunky, a little chill, consistent, albeit some surprises!



What was your first ever job?

I grew up in Shoalhaven Heads, on the south coast of Australia where my parents managed a holiday park. At around 12 I started working for them, cleaning the pool once a day and loved driving with my Dad to do the garbage run in the mornings.


Which word do you think is the strangest?

Acne – Double connotation to me. Love the brand, have luckily never dealt with the breakout!



What’s your guilty pleasure movie?

TV series, Sex & the City is always good for a laugh with friends.


Where do you love to travel?

Italy. Just got back from Tuscany. The rolling hills, endless coastline, beauty in abundance everywhere you turn…. Not to mention the wine and olive oils! Still can’t believe a typical Tuscan dish has no more than four ingredients. Simplicity at its finest.



When are you most creative?

Late at night, when my partner falls to sleep.


Where do you draw your inspirations from?

Life! I always start with a word, a saying, a moment in time. It all evolves from there.



Talk us through your design process.

I’m always considering different concepts, and when one of these trigger a print design or catchphrase the design process begins to accelerate. I also find inspiration in girls, whether through casting or social and use the idea of muse to continue the development of the range. The initial dreaming is truly the best part of the job. Articulating these thoughts and reinterpreting them into garments and a cohesive line is a tremendous journey. One I feel lucky to depart on, four times a year.


Where would we find the Hansen & Gretel girl on a weekend?

Having lunch with her crew somewhere chic.



What advice would you give yourself if you started all over again?

Be kind to yourself. Take a holiday every year! 10 days doesn’t set you back that much, when considering the beneficial reboot in return.


What was your jam in the nineties?

No Scrubs or Waterfalls - TLC


Best Aussie saying? 



Ainsley Hansen


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