Meet Valley Eyewear Designer Michael Crawley

Meet Valley Eyewear Designer Michael Crawley
What was your first ever job?

I scrubbed dishes in a café on Currumbin Beach called Elephant Rock Café when I was like 14. I absolutely used to hate scrubbing dishes after school.



What is the weirdest thing you’ve ever seen?

The weirdest thing I’ve ever seen.. wow… I’ve seen some weird things in my travels over the years. One was when we were shooting in Bulgaria last year and we got stuck in this total total snow blizzard with crazy winds, it was nuts, on top of this old communist party building we used in our campaign. We were retreating to our car after Natlie our model collapsed from the cold, she had to be carried through the snow back to our cars which was about a mile from the building. It was a total white out, we could hardly see 2 feet in front of us and all of a sudden this guy holding a police baton with a german shepherd walks into us, in the middle of no where, in the blizzard heading in a direction where there was absolutely nothing but wilderness. He didn’t say a word and then disappeared into no where, not only was it weird as hell but scary as fuck… hahaha



The last song you listened to?

Entrance Song by the Black Angels. 



Best beach in Australia?

Boomerang Beach at Pacific Palms




Best Aussie saying?

Fa fucks sake.




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