NATASCHA ELISA /. Eco-friendly tips for a sustainable lifestyle

NATASCHA ELISA /. Eco-friendly tips for a sustainable lifestyle

In this week’s episode of 'Radical Australians, Meaningful Conversations', Hannah Wang sits down with international model and environmentalist Natascha Elisa and discusses the hard environmental truths facing the planet and how we all can lend a hand to help save it.  

Natascha, an inspiring eco-warrior and founder of @cleancooking, puts great use to her Instagram, where she champions brands and products that are environmentally conscious and practice slow and minimal waste production techniques, and also shares sustainable lifestyle tips and how-tos with her fans to integrate into their everyday lives.

On the podcast, she explains that an alarming 90.5% of plastic is not getting recycled, yet everyday people are consuming more and more plastic that is heading straight to landfills. Although, she claims not all is lost and there are lots of ways to help combat climate change together from slight everyday lifestyle changes.

Natascha explains the tipping point that helped equip her with the skills to empower the planet was when she was challenged to a 30-day zero plastic and waste-free lifestyle. She said the experience was an eye-opener, and if you can take the time to commit to and plan for 30 days, the challenge will provide you with a wealth of knowledge and power.

During the 30-day challenge, not only did she discover the many ways she was unaware of how and when she was consuming plastic, but she also became more conscious of other ways she could live a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Being mindful of where your food is coming from, buying local, and supporting slow fashion are all topics Natascha covers that are easy for each of us to practice in order to do our part in living a more sustainable life.

While living eco-friendly may require more preparation and problem solving to find unique solutions to replace your current products and bad habits, Natascha shares how it can be fun and gratifying while also enhancing one's quality of life. Tune in to hear her tips on how each one of us can live a better life.

Natascha is challenging herself to a #plasticfreejuly and we encourage you to as well!

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