An immense amount of events happened in 2016 that rocked our world. We could sit here and talk about it all, but lets instead talk about 2017!!
Everyone is feeling the transformation coming into this New Year. If you're a stationary fiend like I am, you'll need to get your journals in order to have the most productive year OF YOUR LIFE!!!


Here's our top 4 must haves for 2017: 


 1.BLACKLIST. By Nathan and Jaynie Johnson
Get your gratitude on!!
For the self-help junkie that lives in all of us, this gratitude journal is perfect.



  • Beautifully sleek cover with gold accents.
  • Every page starts with a "Today I am grateful for.."
  • The accessibility and size makes it sooooo much easier to use than the old fashioned gratitude jar.
  • The compact sizing makes this piece ideal for on-the-go occasions.



    2. MY BUCKET LIST BOOK. By Axel and Ash.
    The perfect way to unleash your inner daredevil.




    •  Bucket List: A number of experiences or achievements that a person hopes to have or accomplish during their lifetime.
    • The book features so many inspirational stories and quotes that even the most timid of individuals would find it hard NOT to release their inner daredevil. 
    • "Before" and "After" pages are inserted periodically throughout the book to ensure that the proper steps are being made to reach your goals. 


      3. GOALS DIARY. By MiGoals
      The goal keeper that reminds you WHY you make goals.



      • For the organizational freak, this diary has space for you to brainstorm your goals and break them down into step by step tasks. 
      • It include inspirational quotes each week to help get you on track. 
      • A quarterly review keeps you accountable for the goals you set. 
      • A budget at the end to help keep track of your personal funds.


        4. BLACKLIST. By Nathan and Jaynie Johnson
        Twenty seventeen is looking super sexxxxyyy.
        This is for the peeps looking to ring in the new year in STYLE. Here's why you'll love this journal.



        • Designed by a creative couple from Byron Bay, that produce eco-friendly art prints, paper goods, greeting cards and journals in their design studio. 
        • Stylishly laid out week-view pages with bold text to make any graphic designer weak at the knees.
        • The abbreviated lettering and convenient sizing makes this journal easy to carry around, without sacrificing significant space.

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