AUST. x Rhythm Radio Sounds

AUST. x Rhythm Radio Sounds

Welcome to AUST. x Rhythm Radio Sounds.

Rhythm creates a weekly playlist curated by their mates, inspirations and those who influence change. Freshly delivered every Monday morning to help you get your week rolling.

This week they created an audible journey especially for mates of AUST! Simply tune in and drop out.






 Our Top 5 Rhythm garments available now at AUST. 



1. Everyday Chino Jam in Tobacco 

As the name suggests, you can literally wear these everyday. We’ve picked this as our #1 Rhythm piece because they have perfectly mixed together the classic Aussie rugby short with the ease and subtle style of beach wear. Plus, this tobacco colour is doing favors for everyone right now!


You really can’t go wrong with Rhythm’s short sleeve wovens. Their fabrics, prints and cut hit the mark every time. In this case, the Atlas shirt has you emulating a 70’s free-spirited traveller, cruising the globe in search of good waves and good times.



The thing about Rhythm clothing is that you’ll want to where it every day. Hence why another everyday piece has made it to our top 5. This t-shirt feels like your favourite old t-shirt you’ve worn and washed a million times straight from the get go. It’ll end up being your fav go-to shirt.



From appearance, it may seem like a basic black tee. But on closer inspection the delicate stitch embroidery and neckline just a shade darker of black has us sent back to days where you’d be hanging out the back of your chevy at the local dinner where they probably serve food on roller skates.


We love this shirt because it’s kinda like pulling off a subtle peacock. The flare-y floral print tells the party you’re there for a good time, but the classic fit and muted colours tone it back.





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