Shopping Abbot Kinney vs Bondi Beach

Shopping Abbot Kinney vs Bondi Beach

Here are the reasons why shopping Abbot Kinney is kinda like shopping Bondi Beach


1. There are hipster millennials... everywhere! 

This chilled, laid-back lifestyle that corresponds to Australian culture attracts young trend-setters who skateboard as their primary form of transport and do not accept the concept of shoes. There's only so many places you can go and be welcomed in comfortably despite being half-dressed and shoeless. Both Abbot Kinney and Bondi share this luxury.  


Image: @curio.xo 


2. The coffee is good at almost all surrounding cafes

Aaaand let me tell ya, it's not so easy to find a good coffee in America once you've tasted one from Australia. Cafes' like Intelligentsia and Blue Bottle are a pretty good comparison.. & paired with their rustic interior decor.. you kinda feel like you're in Bondi Beach. 


3. So is the food.....

The restaurants in the area are delicious, always have a vibrant atmosphere and are unique to their respective cuisines. After a long day of shopping, coming into one of these places and being welcomed in whatever attire you may be in is pretty special. Like Bondi, the restaurants on Abbot Kinney cater to the health obsessed, the vegans, the veggies, & know how to celebrate the art form of cocktail crafting! 


Image: @curio.xo  


4. The streets are enveloped with buildings of a simple, clean & contemporary nature. 

It's simply lovely to enjoy the architecture of the surrounding buildings whilst you’re shopping Abbot Kinney. Some stores still represent the cute cottage style buildings that were once homes. Everything is clean and beautiful which creates an effortlessly welcoming atmosphere. 


5. Photos, street art, market stalls on weekends... 

Yes, like Bondi, all the buildings are beautiful and make for the perfect photo opportunities but there is also the street art which adds to the overall artistic ambience. We have a #LOVEWALL amongst other creations that help celebrate the street's uniqueness. Not to mention, cute market stalls open up on the weekends, such as the market stalls we have right next door to AUST. or you can shop the Artist and Fleas market that pops up every second Saturday. It really feels like a community! 



6. Speaking of community vibes... 

It really does become like a tight-knit community just like beachy Bondi. Spend enough time here and you won't be able to walk down the street without bumping into someone you know! Even with all the tourists, you’re surrounded by local homies when you’re shopping Abbot Kinney. Also celebrations such as First Fridays, Venice Art Crawl and Abbot Kinney Festivals keep the community vibes strong.



7. Both cities have this mix of intense local community whilst also attracting a bevy of international tourists. 

Although there is a this massive local energy in both places, there is also this refreshing abundance of internationals which makes a small world feel a lot bigger. It's easy to feel really at home as an Aussie out here because of the multicultural energy of Abbot Kinney. With its’ fast growing international notoriety and close proximity to the airport, we get people from all different continents shopping Abbot Kinney!



Lets not forget one of the biggest draws to both these areas, they are both a stones throw away from warm ocean water, fun waves to surf, and plenty of sandy real estate to lay your towel down for the day. Shopping Abbot Kinney or Bondi are both easy stop overs on the way to or back from a perfect day spent at the beach. 



Embrace your inner Aussie, spend your day shopping on Abbot Kinney with AUST, feel like your in Bondi. Experience our sheik, elegant and exclusively Australian designers. Let yourself be that person with that dress or pair of pants that no one else in LA has ;) 

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