SOH is a Melbourne based fragrance house founded by husband & wife team, Nathan & Kristine Brown. With a focus on creating fragrances that were clean, fresh and Australian made while respecting and tipping their hats to the learnings of the traditional fragrance houses of Paris.
SOH candles and parfum fragrances are built upon a blend of natural perfumes with flowers hand picked from the petal fields in Grasse right here to our luxurious lavender fields in Australia’s Daylesford. Fragrances are highly concentrated and both are hand poured and formulated in Melbourne.
Many nights of trial and error on an old stove top in St Kilda went in to perfecting the balance of SOH fragrances along with far too many red wines to remember. Our first ever orders were made on that gas burner in our kitchen, hand poured, left to set overnight and then packed in our garage for delivery. 
Check out our interview SOH's head of design Nathan Brown below! 



Best thing you ever bought from a thrift shop?

I bought the greatest brown leather jacket at a thrift shop down in Tasmania that i lived in. Fitted like a glove, had fur on the inside, smelt like the 70’s. 


What smell reminds you of your childhood?

Raspberry Sunnyboys on a hot day at the local pool.



What are you most afraid of?

White tail spiders.


What is your guilty pleasure movie?

She’s All That with Rachel Leigh Cook and Freddie Prinze JNR.



Best Aussie saying?

"Lets have a captain cook at that."



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