Sounds of AUST. with Darren Cordeaux

Sounds of AUST. with Darren Cordeaux

Our next guest selectaaa for Sounds of AUST. is Darren Cordeaux.


If you were around Australia in the early 2000’s, then you’d undoubtably know Kisschasy, the hit Australian rock band fronted by Darren. After over a decade of success with Kisschasy, Darren is now based in Los Angeles, playing for punk band Deep Scene who’s set to release an album next year, and dream pop band Zen Wannabe, set to release an EP in the coming months. On top of that, Darren does producing, writing, marketing and A&R for up and coming artists with LA based music firm, Artless Artists.

If you’re wanting some dreamy vibes for the afternoon, pop on this eclectic playlist by Darren Cordeaux, Vol 2 for Sounds of AUST.


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