The Best Aussie Sayings

The Best Aussie Sayings


Kinda like the 4th of July for Americans, every January 26th Australians will come together to drink excessively, listen to Triple J's Hottest 100 countdown, and act obnoxiously Australian. 

We thought today would be a great day to give you a lesson in good ol' Aussie lingo. Keep scrolling to hear the best Aussie sayings according to our Australian designers and labels. 


Barney Cools  

'Nah Mate' - It's simple yet effective.
Nat Taubman, Designer & Founder



Emma Mulholland
'Flamin Galah.'
- Emma Mulholland


Elvis Et Moi
'You'll be alright mate.'
- Emilie Costechareyre, Designer & Founder


'No worries.'
Daniella Ciano, Womens Brand Manager 

'She'll be apples' - pretty much means everything will be ok.
Jacob Byrne, Mens Brand Manager 


Dylan Kain
'Yeah, nah mate!'
- Bonnie Davis, Brand Manager


Zulu & Zephyr
'Stick a fork in me - I'm done.'  
- Candice Rose, Director 



By Charlotte
'She’ll be right mate!'
- Charlotte Blakeney


Nana Judy
'Have a good one.'  
- Glenn Coleman, Designer & Founder 


Mayde Towels
'She’ll be right mate!'  
- Slyvia Hill, Director


Pared Eyewear
'Lets hit the frog & toad' (Lets hits the road).  
- Sam Stevenson, Creative Director & Founder


P.E. Nation
'Yeah, na.'  
- Pip Edwards, Designer



Petite Grand

'Good on ya.' 
- Tanja Kovacevic, Designer


Sunday Somewhere
'G’day mate.'
- Dave Allison, Creative Director



alice McCALL

"I’ve never been one for colloquialism, but I do like the way Aussie’s make words sound cute – like mozzie’s for mosquitos."
- Alice McCall 


Bec & Bridge

'She’ll be right.'  
- Bec Cooper, Co-Founder 



Assembly Label
'Yeh Na.'  
- Damien Horan, Creative Director




Sam: 'Throw-down' - small bottle of beer.
Bec: 'No worries.' 
- Samuel and Bec Nolan, Head Mens and Womens Designers


Valley Eyewear
'Fa fucks sake.'
- Michael Crawley, Designer


SOH Melbourne 
'Lets have a captain cook at that.'
- Nathan Brown, Head Of Design


Mi Goals
'She'll be right.' 
- Adam Jelic, Managing Director 



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