The Inspiration Behind a.line's Latest Collection - with Hannah Wang

The Inspiration Behind a.line's Latest Collection - with Hannah Wang

AUST. Founder and a.line Designer, Hannah Wang, shares some of the inspiration behind a.line's latest collection - now available exclusively at AUST.!

Images by Brie Lakin



What was your inspiration behind this recent a.line collection?

HW /. There are two parts, the color was inspired by my car, aka the ‘pussy wagon’ which is a 1986 Crown Victoria LTD and it has these red leathery seats and rose quartz prayer beads on the rearview mirror. To get the right earthy red tone I drew inspiration from Ayers Rock, which is a sacred indigenous area smack in the middle of Australia. Outside of the colorway, the collection is inspired by a lot of what I was personally going through at the time. I was searching for my own definition of femininity.

What is the visual message of a.line and how is a.line worn?

HW /. a.line is versatile look for women that they can dress up or down – wearing it to the beach, the bar or the office. It’s always going to be comfortable to wear and easy to mix and match.

In what ways is a.line sustainable or ethically conscious in the way it's produced?

HW /. We put a lot of thought into reducing our wastage and reusing any waste in creative ways. Our Little Lace Cami was developed from the fabric offcuts from production as a way to minimize waste. We also make a lot of other products from the offcuts like hair ties, pouches, bags and more. Smaller pieces that we don’t use are donated to local villages that are then weaved into rugs.

Where can I purchase a.line?

HW /. a.line is available exclusively on our online store.

"The latest collection celebrates freedom. That feeling of summer arriving. Flowing with life, being feminine, trusting the process. That is how I think of strength."

"Moving forward, I’d like to continue to align my collections with what I am going through at the time and what I am learning in my personal life. It’s my creative expression and reflection of myself and another way for me to share my creativity and messages of empowerment."

Check out the a.line collection!

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