The Modern Nomad by Sunday Somewhere

The Modern Nomad by Sunday Somewhere
The Modern Nomad


Sunday 15th January 2017 5:29pm. Sunset. Marrakech.

In the wake of a dust land dreamscape, Of starry nights and Saharan skies.

We took our rucksacks from the backs Of camels covered in sand. Swapped silent dunes for throbbing souks, Ochre walls and mud brick citadels.

In a Labyrinth of winding streets, we were lost. But found.

Here comes my adventure.

Here comes Sunday.



"Maybe it's the stillness, the silence or the solitude. The freedom you feel under the desert skies or the wide open horizons stretching your mind. Whatever it is, the desert is a place that strips superficial stuff away. It’s the great giver of perspective and a place of transformation where a new clarity of vision emerges. A perfect setting for our next adventure under the sun."



Agafay Desert, nestled somewhere between Marrakech and the dramatic Atlas mountains is a rough, dry and red moon-like landscape. Cue La Pause, a peaceful and rustic eco resort set in a green oasis. With no electricity or internet your mind can focus on the stunning setting where meals are served under traditional Berber tents and at night the place is illuminated with candles and fire pits.

Marrakech, prepare your senses. Marrakech's sights and sounds are a sensory overload. The energy of the city will draw you in to explore its crowded souks, down endless labyrinth of narrow ochre dusted lanes, finally dropping you amid the mayhem that is Jemaa el-Fna. It's a carnival every night. Stroll between snail vendors, fortune tellers, snake charmers and musicians to discover the old city's frenetic pulse. 




Continuing to challenge the ‘tradition’ and disrupt the expected in eyewear design, 'The Modern Nomad' delivers six new styles that are unmistakably SUNDAY SOMEWHERE.



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