Thrift Shopping With Australia's Best Designers

Thrift Shopping With Australia's Best Designers

We asked Australian Designers what the best thing they've ever bought from a thrift shop is... 



Rhythm Womens Brand Manager — Daniella Ciano

"Agh there’s so many things but I’d have to say it would have to be all the retro swim I buy for my vintage swim collection."



By Johnny Brand Manager — Renee Schembri

"A strapless purple puffy vintage formal dress, I wore it to a dress up."



Elvis Et Moi Designer — Emilie Costechareyre

"A military jacket."





St Agni Co-Founder — Lara Bluett

"I bought my sister a vintage Kingsley record player for $80. It's actually so nice, I really want to steal it from her."




P.E Nation Co-founder & Designer — Pip Edwards

"Many many gems in my cupboard have been bought from various vintage stores around the world.

From jackets, dresses, tees and my all time fave denim - it’s hard to narrow it down to one. But the best finds have definitely been in Tokyo, LA and London. I love to find vintage tees and denim."




alice McCALL Founder & Designer — Alice McCall

"I come back to my Aussie Clark pirate blouse time and time again. It’s a collector’s item and one of the inspirations I started my brand on."




SOH Head of Design — Nathan Brown

"I bought the greatest brown leather jacket at a thrift shop down in Tasmania that I lived in.

Fitted like a glove, had fur on the inside, and smelt like the 70’s."




Blacklist Director — Jaynie Johnson

"So many things, but our first dining table was pretty special. A lot of wonderful moments happened around it."



Buck Palmer Founder & Designer — Buck Palmer 

"Best purchase was an old vintage record player. It still sits in my house as a centre piece and works!"


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