'Snake Trails' & Viva La Mexico by TCSS

'Snake Trails' & Viva La Mexico by TCSS

It’s been a big couple of months for (TCSS) The Critical Slide Society, recently winning ‘Best Boardshort of 2017’ (the third year to take the annual title) and the brand has just launched their annual campaign for the year, ‘Snake Trails’ and a pro-social initiative ‘Viva La Mexico’. 



‘Snake Trails’ is the largest season to date for the brand. The imagery coincides with the brand’s Southern Hemisphere Summer drop and Northern Hemisphere Holiday drop into stores.




The Snake Trails campaign captures that sense of discovery, sliding off the beaten path, down through Baja and deeper into Mexico. ‘An aspirational trek for any foam loving frother. Waves, cheap beer, coastal bowls, bangin’ buritos and a warm glow’ says TCSS Art Director, Chris Hope. What more could you ask for? Shot by Tim Swallow with Michael Berg and lm maker Ed Triglone on the other side of the camera. The team are pals off camera, which is clearly evident from the natural looking shots captured. See below an extract:



Chris Hope goes on to say ‘Doing projects like this with friends has always delivered the best results. More fun, more trust. Michael & Tim picked us up from LAX in a 69 Balboa RV - we hit the highway stopping once for the obligatory In’n’Out burger. The border coming in to Mexico broke a sweat. Barking dogs, truck size x-ray machines for the Balboa and 3 of us in a detainee tent with armed guards was our rst of many set backs for the week. We went through the motions, laughed them all off & drove on. That same night we reached a spot I’m at liberty to not reveal the location of, but it was deep up the coast of Baja.

In the morning there were waves out front and a skate bowl downstairs with a rat infestation. We survived on a diet of fish tacos, Modelos & Camel ciggies.




The recent earthquake Mexico experienced was well and truly front of mind and had us feeling a little on edge.

On the drive back North we witnessed the destruction the second earthquake inflicted. Absolute devastation. The 4 of us & TCSS would like to thank the locals of Mexico for having us during trying times.



They seem to really like Australianos - with a special place in their heart for Russell Crowe. A local Baja hero who supplied ‘Rickys Bar’ with the loudest speaker system on the coast after his rst big LA Con dential pay check.
Inspiring stuff Rusty!’



Viva La Maxico is a pro-social campaign rolled out by TCSS. A week prior to the Snake Trails shoot above, the Central Mexico earthquake. The largest earthquake to hit the country in a century. Killing 361 people to date and responsible for thousands of devastated homes and homeless.

The shoot captures locals that Tim Swallow and team came across on the Snake Trails shoot.


Buffing them out with TCSS gear, some chose to sport the wares for their portraits. These images are being exhibited on 26 October at Freda’s, a local bar in, Sydney, Australia. Proceeds from the evening will be donated to the charity Topos Mexico. The volunteer rescue group that was formed following the 1985 Mexico earthquake. 

Photography by Tim Swallow and The Critical Slide Society 




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