Your Scope of Horror

Your Scope of Horror

**Not an actual horoscope reading.



As the pioneer fire sign of the zodiac, you’re running red hot this halloween. Fire is cursing through your veins and burning with the desire to rage a war. You pissed of a few too many people with your stubborn and impatient self. Now your boss, lover, hell just anyone that walks down the street is out to get you. Get armed and ready with your fighting colours, red on red on red.


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We know you like nice things but this Halloween your ruling planet Venus, the goddess of beauty and love, has turned her back on you. Overindulgence has its consequences and that facial you did, the hair treatment you put on, it backfired. Now, it’s damage control time. Try a little Saya for a remedy to get back those good looks and silky smooth skin.





You can always see the two sides of one coin, and you can argue either side until the end, but this Halloween you faced with making a choice. One that you won't be able to manipulate your way out of. Both options look pretty grim, do you want death by wicked witch or to be possessed by ghouls? 

To make it through, connect with your inner twin with this badass twin set from Pfeiffer. 


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Dear crab, forget about your cozy shell and the creature comforts of home. This halloween, sweet love has turned sour and your humble abode may just get in the cross fire. A past lover scorned? A stalker you don’t know about? Or is your partner secretly a little bat shit crazy? Take inventory of the people in your life and don’t say we didn’t warn you.


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The Leo ego is roaring out of control this halloween, people make a wide path. I know it sucks to not get the attention you were wanting, But no need to be a total drama queen about it. Yasss kween we’re talking to you! Stop that pity party and get yo’self together! Let that lion mane run wild and show everyone you are not to be ignored!!

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Sweet virgin, your feelings of inadequacy are running high this halloween. No, you’re not quite perfect and those superficial expectations you put on yourself, and other, are unrealistic. All Hallow’s Eve is the night to be whatever you like, in disguise, so take the opportunity to let loose! Get incognito and wear those sunglasses at night.


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It's libra season! And unlucky for you, Halloween falls on your month. That means all the ghosts, ghouls, demons and dark angels are out to play, and you more than any other sign are soaking in that dark energy throwing you completely out of balance. Maybe try some crystal therapy to rid as much evil as you can. 


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Your magnetic presence has everyone flocking your way, but that may just be the devil in disguise. Perhaps you’ve let someone just a little too close this halloween and they can see what lies beneath. You’ve got a secret Scorpio, and it’s about to get revealed. Intensity is your forté but that’s no reason things should get violent. If they do however, pop on some protective leather, strap on your boots, and get ready to sting.


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Sweet Sagittarius, your wanderlust is running rampant this Halloween and while all you want to do is travel, adventure, and explore somewhere new. While you’re a naturally optimistic person, that won’t help you right now. The cards have been dealt and you are landlocked for now. Perhaps it will help if you dress like you’re on holidays, or at least in Holiday by Emma Mulholland, and make the vacation come to you. 


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You’ve been steadily working towards your goals this year, and just as you think you’re about to make some process you encounter a major set back. The energy of Halloween is just not allowing for forward movement. While ambition is important to you and you have some big goals, the year is ending and you are unfortunately running out of time. Maybe try wearing a Horse watch to remind yourself of that. 


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You’re the sign of the future, Aquarius. Always the innovator and looking at the larger picture. This Halloween, however, it seems you may have lost some perspective. If you get too far in your head, you could find yourself lost in space and isolated from the real worth. Why don’t you come back down to earth, and post up in Motel Cools for some mental R&R. 


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Gentle Pisces, you may find yourself a fish out of water this halloween. There’s a lotta bad energy floating around this halloween and as the intuitive, empathetic and selfless one of the zodiac you may find yourself caught up in the wrong web. Overstimulation and large crowds have you wanting to flee. Take some advice, don some fresh swimwear and swim far far away.


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Happy Halloween!!! 

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