Bringing Australian Fashion to Abbot Kinney LA!!

We love AUSTralian fashion !!


Why? Because it's effortlessly cool and easy to wear, yet experimental at the same time... Because it makes us feel like strutting down the street... Because it doesn't break our bank account, and we can treasure the clothes forever.





“Australian fashion is looked to be an industry forefront because it is so raw and there really are no guidelines to follow, its a bunch of Convicts on the loose” - [Micheal Crawley / Valley Eyewear Designer]


Our Mission


AUST. aims to bring to you the most exciting, creative and relevant designers coming out of Australia.

This big island / tiny continent down under is booming with talented creatives. The laid back vibes and take-nothing-too-seriously attitudes have allowed Aussie's to experiment with a sense of style that suits their active lifestyles yet exudes a sense of cool.

We want to share with you the stories behind the Australian labels and help you get to know the creatives that are behind it. We love that many of our labels are still run by families or good mates. True to the Australian style, it’s about doing rad things with good people around you!

We hope that you enjoy the little slice of Australia that you’ll find with us.