Our Story


The AUST. Story


The idea sparked when entrepreneur Hannah Wang first moved to the US with no idea what to expect. After living here, it dawned on her that all her favourite designers happened to be Australian, and that she couldn’t find the labels she wanted anywhere!

The US had lots to offer in low cost fast fashion, and super high end designers, but they were all large corporations. The thing about Australian designers is that they were every day people passionate about making something great.

AUST. first opened on Abbot Kinney, Venice, in a small space behind a flower shop, down a quaint garden path. We also had a patio and garage space, and the parties there became infamous around the local community. After gaining popularity here, AUST. was ready to expand so in 2015, AUST. moved locations to a bigger street front space just down the road with an adjacent courtyard. The parties there are still infamous.

AUST.‘s online store first launched in 2013, but in 2017 we launched an exciting redesign highlighting the Australian fashion magazine. Its mission is to share the stories and inspirations of the people behind the brands, while offering an international audience access to Australia’s best designers.

Similarly to the labels that we carry, AUST. is a label that started with no major investors, just a girl with an idea and a drained bank account. With steep learning curves along the way, AUST. has gone from strength to strength, now becoming known in the fashion industry as a leader in Australian fashion.

Outside of owning a business, Hannah Wang has had a varied career background. After completing a Bachelor’s of Business Administration and a BA in Psychology and English, Hannah went on to be a freelance photographer, teach pole dancing, marketing work for charities, and host an action sports TV show on ABC.

Always the adventurous spirit, her hobbies include surfing, snowboarding, skydiving, and scuba-diving, practically anything with an adrenaline rush. Perhaps it’s this fearlessness that has allowed her to start a business while in her early twenties and on the other side of the world!