Lotus & Little Buddha Necklace // Gold
Lotus & Little Buddha Necklace // Gold
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By Charlotte

Lotus & Little Buddha Necklace // Gold

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 The lotus signifies the progression of the soul, inspiring us to rise from the darkness into enlightenment, the Lotus Flower is the symbol of new beginnings. 

Our signature Lotus collection features the Semi Circle of Life, the pendulum that swings from rest to work, back and forth.

The Lotus and Little Buddha necklace is 19 inches. The Lotus pendant is 2cm x 1cm and the Buddha pendant is 6mm x 5mm. 18k gold on sterling silver.

Wear our Lotus collection to represent cognitive balance, embrace new beginnings and to grow spiritually. The Lotus is the perfect gift for those embarking on a new journey in their life; it represents purity, rebirth and enlightenment. The buddha depicted is the Buddha of Compassion.